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We are a private radiology group that offers imaging interpretations to hospitals, clinics, and suppliers that are of all specialties which are tailored to the particular needs of every practice. We are a team of the best American Board Certified and fellowship-trained radiologists with the expertise in aiding clinicians and their team with even the foremost advanced cases.

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Irving Radiology


“After 2 years of working with Irving Radiology, it is safe to say that they are the best in what they do. We utilize their Telerad services in Mobile Ultrasound, and X-Ray for our facilities. We have been very satisfied, most notable is their turn around time on reads and accuracy in interpretations. We strongly reommend them for any medical facility looking for Telerad services.”

Owusu Saki, Owner, Coastal Med Healthcare Systems

“Dr. Irving and Irving Radiology are the backbone of our teleradiology services, providing high-caliber reads from top-notch radiologist professionals. Their attention to detail and catering to our special requests make them invaluable to our radiology team in optimizing our ability to provide highest quality patient care services.”

Dr. Dan Cousin, Clinical Director, Bayview Radiology
“The Irving Radiology group has been instrumental in increasing workflow efficiency, patient volumes, and profitability. They seamlessly provide service for a 24/7 emergency department with accurate interpretations, and unbeatable turnaround times. I highly recommend Irving Radiology, and am extremely fortunate to have them as our radiology partner.”
Jeremiah Johnson, Manager of Radiology and Non-invasive cardiology, Lehigh Regional Medical Center
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